Hulk Games – Unleash the Green Giant

We’ve all heard about the story of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde or, at least about Frankenstein, grasping the concept of possessing two different personalities inside a single one, one being good and kind and the other representing something wild and uncontrollably aggressive. Well, the Incredible Hulk is just the type to talk about when it comes to these two personalities. An excellent way of finding out more about the Hulk would be to read the remainder of this article or, even better, to play some truly amazing Hulk Games!

If you’ve chosen the first option, you have chosen well. Originally, the Incredible Hulk fist saw the light of day in a comic book which became a cult and won over the hearts of many die-hard fans. The comic book tells the story about Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, who had an accident which exposed him to a special type of gamma rays, affecting his organism for ever more, making it possible for him to become the Hulk whenever aggravated or in danger.

Of course, Dr. Banner chose to use his powers for good, even though he often gets misunderstood and taken for a villain due to the sheer destructive power his alter ego possesses. As most Hulk games show, this beast is green and gigantic, resembling a human being, but having powers that surpass men by far. Breaking everything man-made, climbing the highest heights, jumping sky-high… all are the basic powers that Hulk controls easily.

Therefore, Hulk games are all about destruction and justice in its name. Most games of this type involve a mixture of stealth gaming when our hero is in his human form and all out war when he loses his cool. Therefore, the games are packed with fun and excitement. Moreover, there are many of them which are available in stunning 3D, playable without being downloaded and installed. So, all you need to do in order to learn more about this superhero is to play Hulk Games online now!

Since Dr. Banner can undergo his Hulk metamorphosis in several different variants, many Hulk Games cover this scenario. Depending on the rage that the doctor feels and the life-threatening situations he gets exposed to, the size and destructive power of the green beast can grow almost infinitely, from being capable of neutralizing an army of men to gaining the might to do the same to a whole warfare armada. Thus, fill the rage meter in the Amazing Hulk Games and show the world just how powerful your own anger-driven alter ego can be.

To wrap all this chatter up, Hulk Games have it all when it comes to catering to action and destruction- hungry players out there. Do you belong to this kind? Well, play Hulk Games!